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Microhmmeter tc-2-20

Microhmmeter tc-2-20

Microhmmeter TC-2-20 is designed for the measurement of the small values of the electric resistance under the laboratory and production facility environment.

The instrument can be used for:
 - Measurement of the meter-long conductor pieces of the power cords according to GOST 7229 (during the process control at the manufacturing companies and for the acceptance control at the cable-consuming plants);
 - Monitoring the electric resistance of the low-resistivity bypasses by the standardization and metrology centers.
 - Nondestructive testing of the metal structures and transformer facility units.

It provides:
 - Scaling the measured resistance values to 20 °C on the basis of the selected material (copper/aluminium) and measured ambient air temperature;
 - Estimation of the monitored item specific resistance according to the measured resistance and input section value (of the conductor).


Technical Characteristics
Name Values

Measuring resistance range, O


Conventional error of measurement, %, no more than

± 0,2

Survey current rate, A, no more than;
Subrange, O:








Operation temperature range, °C


Temperature accuracy, °C


Instrument supply from the power line with the frequency of 50 Hz, V


Input power, W, no more than


Weight (without the measurement cables), kg, max


Overall dimensions, mm, max


Against the additional order the instrument can be completed with the contact-clamping devices of the in-line holding for the connection of the measured item via the 4-wire circuit.

The instrument is at the certification stage. The calibration certificate is provided when the instrument is delivered.