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Instrument for high-ohmic resistance measurement ИВС-70

Instrument for high-ohmic resistance measurement ИВС-70

The instrument ИВС-70 is designed for the measurement of the resistance within the range from 10 MO to 100 GO and can be used to control the resistance of the high-ohmic resistors in the process of their manufacturing and for the examination of other control and measurement equipment. The instrument is made as the desktop case and has the small dimensions (300x400x250 mm).

The instrument structure has the materials proviing the possibility to measure the resistance of the peta-ohm range (PO). It has the simple and accessible control due to the use of the sensor screen that also displays the measurement results.
The metrological characteristics of “ИВС-70” are listed in the table.

Resistance ranges

Maximum permissible basic error of measurement

From 1.0 MO to 1.0 GO

±0.01% (100 ppm)

From 1.0 GO to 10.0 GO

±0.025% (250 ppm)

From 10.0 GO to 100.0 GO

±0.06% (600 ppm)

Currently, the works for measurement range extension to 1.0 TO and the testing for the type approval are in progress.