Insulation parameters high-voltage meters

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The meter “Тангенс-2000” is the noise-proof, highly-accurate and safe in service instrument designed for the control of the high-voltage equipment insulation parameters. The instrument identifying feature in regard to the other instruments of this application, commercially available in RF, is the crucially higher noise resistance provided by the existence of the testing voltage internal generator with the frequency that is different from the commercial. It allows obtaining the high accuracy of the measurements under the conditions of high level of noise disturbance on the open switchgears and finding out the minimal parametric variation of the insulation during the periodic inspection of the high-voltage equipment.
The delivery package includes the adjustment unit providing the complex adjustment of the meter at the voltage of up to 10 kV.
The meter “Тангенс-2000” consists of three stand-alone units: control unit – generator, inverter assembly and high-voltage transformer.


Technical Characteristics 
Measured quantity Values

Measurement process automation

Full, including setting up the testing voltage of the given value and its switching off

Approximate power factor measurement range


Capacity measurement range, pF


Maximum permissible basic error of the approximate power factor measurement


Maximum permissible basic error of the capacity measurement, pF

±(0.5 pF+0.005 C)

Measuring voltage, kV


Voltage of the alternating current supply line with the frequency of 50 Hz, V


Built-in direct-current source voltage, V



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